Pixel Density PPI DPI Calculator for Phones Tablets & Computers

Calculate PPI or DPI for Phones, Tablets, Monitor, & PC

This tool enables you calculate the pixel per inch or PPI of your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Just enter the pixel width and pixel height of the display and the screen size and hit Calculate.

Pixel Density Calculator

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Pixel Density is an indication of the quality of a display. Off course there are other important indicators such as colour saturation and reproduction and the ability of the display to adjust to variuos lighting situation for better outdoor view. However, every other variable kept constant the pixel density tells you are crisp and brilliant a display would be.

The higher the ppi the more brilliant a display would view. Of course there is a limit above which the human eye may nolonger be able to notice any improvement in view quality at normal viewing distance. It is believed that ppi values of around 300 ppi is that upper limit.

NaijaTechGuide Pixel Density calculator enables you calculate the pixel per inch of your phone or tablet. Just enter the pixel width and height of the display and the diagonal screen size and hit calculate. For example, Nokia Lumia 520 has a 4.0-inch display with 480 x 800 pixels resolution. To calculate its ppi enter 480 in the Horizontal pixel field, 800 in the vertical pixel field and 4 into the screen size field and hit calculate. This gives you a ppi of 233.24.