How Many Hours of Electricity Nigeria Calculator PHCN Power Uptime

Public Power Supply Uptime Tool for Nigeria

Wondering how many hours of electricity you receive in a day on the average? This simple tool will help you calculate just that. Simply enter your average monthly electricity bill or your last month's electricity bill in the appropriate box and select the fields that best describe your electricity consumption pattern and hit the Show Uptime button.

This tool relies a lot on the accuracy of your entry, so pay attention. It is also more accurate if you are metered with a pre-payment meter. Enjoy.

Average Daily Hours of Electricity Calculator

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Note: This tool is based on assumptions of typical energy consumption, which might not be the same as your consumption pattern. Hence it might not be accurate in your case. Please use this tool just as a guide. NaijaTechGuide shall not be liable for any damages as a result of the use or abuse of this tool.

Nigeria Electricity Tariff Finder

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From June 1, 2012 a new electricity tariff was introduced in Nigeria. Energy consumers in Nigeria now pay over 60% of what they were paying before June. Also a new monthly fixed charge was introduced with the new tariff. This tool will enable you discover electricity tariff for different states as well as the fixed monthly charge.

You can also read New Electricity Tariff for 2012 at the blog.